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ShawN ShawN - Fine Artist

ShawN ShawN

ShawN ShawN

San Francisco, CA - United States

GALLERY: 4th Street Fine Art, 2000 4th Street, Berkeley, CA 94710

From witnessing the Fall of the Berlin Wall inside the Iron Curtain to seeing the National Strike in Spain or the launch of the Euro in Brussels, history and politics dominant my themes. My art process is two-fold. Occasionally, the whole image springs forth like Athena from the head of Zeus while in others the image develops through the painting process itself. I strive to always develop my talent, master new styles and move in new directions similar to Picasso or Madonna or Lady Gaga. A title must be meaningful and the art must never repeat itself. I mastered my initial style under the tutelage of Tom Thomas in the Indiana cornfields.

I grew up moving from city to city, state to state and finally country to country. I have learned new accents, new languages, new cities and new friends every few years. I am home everywhere and nowhere.

In 1989, I saw the Berlin Wall fall behind the Iron Curtain in Poland, seeing the destruction of communism into true market capitalist freedom. The fall of fear had finally defeated the police state terror. I also studied surrealist theatre posters, which reflected the horror of the Halocaust, multiple border wars and division of Poland geograhically.

From the Communist statues,architecture and propaganda I learned fierceness in design, the power of lies and false idealism leading to impoverished grey life for all the people. Freedom is a major theme in my work as well as focusing on turning points in history.

In the 1990s, I got my start painting academically at Indiana University. I had the chance to study my late professor Tom Thomas do his latest abstracts right in class, which greatly influenced my first styles and stretched me to redefine art -- the true purpose of an artist.

In Spain, I studied masters like El Greco, Bosch, Valasquez and Goya in the world renowned Prado a full year and studied Islamic art on site in various medieval cities as well as classic Roman ruins. In Germany, I partied in the lively techno scene after the euphoria of the fall of the Berlin Wall. In Belgium, I witnessed the birth of the Euro, which is now unravelling.

In 2000s, I relocated to the San Francisco Bay Area and witnessed the continually growth and death of new companies in constant motion. It leaves a mark of constant change, thin family ties and immigrant culture I have been familiar with my whole life.

2009 APW Gallery, NYC, NY
2009 23rd Emeryville Art Show, CA
2010 El Rincon Club, San Francisco, CA
2010 Project 1 Gallery, San Francisco, CA
2010 APW Gallery, NYC, NY
2010 Periscope Cellars
2011 4th Street Studios Berkeley, CA
2011 Art House Gallery Berkeley, CA
2011 4th Street Studios Berkeley, CA
2011 Night at the Speakeasy, Oakland, CA
2012 Fort Mason, San Francisco, CA
2012 Art Murmur, Oakland, CA
2012 Nina Torres Gallery, Miami, FL
2012 4th Street Fine Art, Berkeley, CA
2013 4th Street Fine Art, Berkeley, CA
2013 Peace Project, Various Cities
2013 4th Street Fine Art, Berkeley, CA





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